Applicant Instructions


Shangri-La uses an online system to accept, review, and process applications. As such, we recommend that you read the tips below before you begin filling out your application. Please contact us with any questions you may have about applying: 503-581-1732.

  • Register or create a new account by clicking on the "Edit Your Profile" tab.
  • To add or edit your resume at a later time, click on the "Edit Your Profile" tab and login to your account.
  • Your application must be complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered for employment.
  • Disclosure of certain personal information is required for necessary processing of criminal history and motor vehicle report background investigations. We value privacy and the protection of sensitive information. Failure to electronically disclose certain protected information will not disqualify you from consideration for employment. However, you will need to follow-up with our Human Resources team to identify a method for disclosing this information. We can be reached at 503-581-1732.
  • Shangri-La is an equal opportunity employer